Brand PureComfort
Color White
Pattern Solid
Product Care Instructions Machine Wash


About this item

  • The Ultimate Pillowcase: The pillow cases you choose matter! This white satin pillowcase was made to perfectly fit Pillow with an Ear Hole for a more comfortable and pain free sleep. A satin pillowcase has a soft texture that regulates temperature and, unlike cotton, satin is gentler and wicks away moisture instead of absorbing it. Trade in your plain white pillowcases and choose a satin pillowcase for healthier hair and skin!
  • Anti-Aging & Anti-Acne: Satin pillowcases are super effective at keeping wrinkles at bay and preventing irritation from tossing and turning. Pillowcase satin doesn’t deplete your skin of moisture while you sleep, which helps with creases and acne. In other words, our satin pillowcase doubles as an anti aging pillowcase and acne pillowcase too.
  • For Your Silkiest Hair: Satin pillow cases for women and men alike help maintain healthy, shiny hair. A satin pillowcase for hair protects your locks and doesn’t absorb natural moisture, which means fewer split ends or frizzy strands. Rest assured that our satin pillowcase for hair and skin will keep your hair and skin in check.
  • Easy to Use: This removable, machine-washable, satin pillow case is made to fit your PureComfort ear hole pillow like a glove, so you can sleep comfortably. Slide the durable satin pillowcase onto our one-of-a-kind pillow – designed to reduce ear pain.
  • At PureComfort, making sure you get a proper night sleep, even after surgery, is our number one goal.. Choosing a silky satin pillowcase made from high-quality fabric that’s both durable and luxurious makes for a more comfortable sleep. Stay cool and comfortable while being kind to your face, ear, skin, hair, and body!

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